Shabbat services, 8-9 June: Guest Speaker Rabbi Stephen Fuchs

Shabbat Beha’Alotcha. Evening service at 6.00 p.m.Guest Speaker Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, President of the World Union. The evening service will be followed by the SAUPJ 80th Anniversary Conference Shabbat Dinner , guest speaker Mike Grabiner, Chairman of the World Union – by reservation only.
Chocolates sponsored by The Marks family celebrating the naming of their daughter Liora (Sienna).

Morning service at 10.00 a.m.followed by a Kiddush
Special Occasion? If you have a birthday, anniversary or similar occasion, why not sponsor a Kiddush? To avoid missing your special date, please book well in advance. Or to mark a friend or relative’s special occasion, donate to the Shul and they will receive a lovely Gift Certificate in their name. Call 011 646 6170 .

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