Please respond to the Jewish Report survey

The South African Union for Progressive Judaism has asked that as many people as possible respond to an online survey about the readership of the Jewish Report. Beit Emanuel staff have emailed information about the survey to those of our members for whom we have email addresses.
There have been rumours, denied in the newspaper, that the Jewish Report may close. Regardless of what one considers the qualities or shortcomings of this publication, it is widely read across most of the Jewish community in this country. It is a useful and accessible conduit for exchanges of views. It would be a pity were it to close without some form of replacement being available.
Likewise, it would be highly regrettable if the Jewish Report became the newspaper of only one section of the Jewish community. Something valuable would be lost. There are people in the Jewish community for whom respect for different opinions and tolerance of differences are not high priority values.
Dissent and freedom of thought are inimical to their outlook. They would welcome the opportunity to silence other opinions by having those voices excluded from the public arena which the Jewish Report represents.
Please give serious consideration to participating in the survey so that the publishers understand that there is a substantial Progressive readership which wants the Jewish Report to continue as a genuine cross-community newspaper and neither close nor become the mouthpiece of narrow interests.

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