Torah Breakfast, September 3rd: David Bilchitz

Shabbat morning at 8.30 a.m. Please join us for a light breakfast and listen to our guest speaker.
This Shabbat: Prof. David Bilchitz will discuss ‘Avinu, Malkeinu’: Exploring the idea of G-d’s sovereignty and human kingship in Jewish Tradition
This Torah Breakfast will begin the lead-up to the High Holy days by exploring one of the key notions in the liturgy of G-d’s sovereignty. What is the meaning of kingship and why is it relevant today? How does it relate to the idea of monarchy in the human realm, explored in this week’s parsha? Join us for a fascinating discussion on these topics…
If you have a birthday, an anniversary or similar occasion, why not share your special day by sponsoring a Torah breakfast?
R 150 will help cover the cost of rolls and fillings.

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