Netzer’s teaching work with children in Kliptown: Appeal for help

Our Youth Movement, Netzer, has begun working with the Kliptown Youth Programme to help children in this deprived area of Soweto.
Netzer volunteers are teaching Maths, English and Computing to children from the age of six years to eighteen.
The project is based in a local community centre and it is estimated that they are currently helping nearly four hundred children.
There is a dire shortage of materials needed to assist the children:
• school clothing
• school text books
• reading books for children and young adults
• stationery

If you have any clothing which your children have outgrown, but especially clothing suitable for school, or any of the other items listed, please contact
Nethanel (Netzer Shaliach) on
082 339 0246
This is an initiative by our young people to help other children. Please support them if you can.

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