Thanks for help with Shavuot public lecture

A heartfelt thank you from me for all your assistance in making the event so memorable for all of us.
Thank you to Rabbi for giving in to my demands to invite the Public Protector for the lecture and for the great sermon that was so well suited for the night (and for washing the tablecloths for the Slome in his flat because the shul washing machine is broken).
Thank you to Irwin for designing the posters and the ad for us and for putting up with my demanding personality.
Thank you to Peter for printing the posters for us at such a reasonable amount and for doing it at such short notice.
Thank you to Simon and Judy for their suggestions around the catering, etc. and for all the hard work Judy, Octavia and Marlene put into catering for the event. I know it was hectic, because we only received the dietary requirements of Adv. Madonsela the day before the lecture.
Thank you to the entire team of Board of Guardians for agreeing to my demands to be the welcoming committee for Adv. Madonsela and for keeping her company.
Thanks again Simon for all your help and for acting as intermediary with the Board of Guardians.
Thank you to Gail and Marcelle for organising the flowers and especially for organising the specially worded, autographed copy of Mandy’s book for Adv. Madonsela at such short notice. Please convey my thanks to the ladies of the Sisterhood for all the help they gave Judy with the catering.
Thank you to John and his team for looking out for us during the service and the lecture and for enduring the bitter cold on our behalf.
Many thanks for Moira’s help in the kitchens and to Mandla and Richard for all their help in carting, cleaning, arranging things, etc. They truly are great employees of ours.
And last but not least, Kito, thank you for getting stuck in.
And thanks for asking Carolyn to come and do the flowers. She must have been dead tired, having stepped off the plane from Israel a few hours before she came to do them. Please give her our thanks.
Thanks everyone. It is really amazing what we can achieve when we work together as a team.
– Penny Cornelius, Treasurer

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