Important Netzer Appeal: Israel and Shnat

Many of you will be aware of the so-called ‘Shnat’ (‘Year of…’) programme which has been run by Netzer internationally for many decades. The programme offers young Jews an Israel experience through a ten-month structured programme of learning and community service.
Each participant spends ten months in Israel. Throughout the ten months they are given tuition and support to learn Modern Hebrew. This begins with four months of intensive study of the language and about Israel. There are two periods, each of three months, working in community project and on a Progressive kibbutz.
A condition of participation in the ‘Shnat’ programme is that when ‘Shnatties’ return to their home countries they must work (part time) for the community for two years. ‘Shnat’ has been recognized across the world as one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways of building young people’s commitment to Judaism in adult life. It is also a valuable contribution to the young person’s CV as life experience. 2011 was a bumper year for ‘Shnatties’ from South Africa. We were able to send five post-matric young people to Israel. While this is good news for the congregations, it has strained Netzer’s budget. There is a ‘funding gap’ of R 60,000. This money is owed to cover the costs of our young people in Israel and is due to be paid by mid-August.
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