Invitation to join 10 day study seminar in Jerusalem in July

Creating Meaningful Connections
14 to 24 July 2011
The Bergman Seminar for Progressive Jewish Educators is an intensive 10-day program for Progressive Jewish Educators from around the world, combining classroom and text study with site visits in Jerusalem and around Israel that will bring the texts and ideas to life.
The seminar’s multidisciplinary curriculum incorporates several conceptual approaches to culture, spirituality, language, history and memory. The seminar will focus on the multitude of Jewish narratives inside and outside the Land of Israel, and play off the creative tension that has existed between Israel and Diaspora communities throughout Jewish history as well as today. The faculty will include some of Israel’s finest teachers, offering an extraordinary opportunity for intellectual exploration.
Price: $500 (includes everything but a few meals) plus airfare.
For more information contact the Saltz Education Center at

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