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Chairman’s update on new activities

Changes to the Bulletin The eagle-eyed among us would have spotted some subtle changes to the Bulletin, including new sidebar section for: Mazaltov To…; Thanks To… (For Generous Donations); Speedy Recovery… (Refuah Shlema); Welcome To… (Our New Members). Please let Ilana know of anything that should be included in any of these sections. Netzer and …

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Chairman’s report for the year 2012

Chairman Russell Cohen looks ahead to 5773 and beyond Shana Tova First of all I would like to wish our members everything of the very best for the year ahead. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year. In days gone by, stand-up comedians might have begun a routine by …

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Let’s try to revive the Saturday service

Beit Emanuel has traditionally been a Friday evening rather than a Saturday morning congregation, with the largest attendance being at the Erev Shabbat service. Having said that, however, we do hold a full Torah service at 10h00 every Saturday morning. So, if you can’t make the Erev Shabbat service on a Friday evening (or want …

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