A fortnight to go for Netzer summer camp in Cape Town

A reminder that Netzer’s annual Machaneh (summer camp) takes place in December.

This year it’s Machaneh Lech Lecha (Go Forth), and runs from 12 to 26 December 2016, with the rear-guard remaining until the 31st.

Details and forms are on the Netzer South Africa website www.netzer.org.za, email [email protected] or call Daniel on 078 647 1285.


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JTalk: Professor Merle Williams on Nathan Englander, Anne Frank and the Legacy of the Holocaust

Nathan Englander made a name for himself as an accomplished American-Jewish writer with his debut volume of witty, transgressive, tragi-comic stories called For the Relief of Unbearable Urges (1999). His second collection (2012) draws its title from the opening story: ‘What We Talk about When We Talk about Anne Frank’. Two couples, one Charedi and living in Israel, the other secular residents of Florida, meet for a long-postponed reunion. Their protracted and often awkward discussion under the influence of both alcohol and drugs leads them to the Holocaust, and so to the ‘Anne Frank game’ or ‘Who Will Hide Me?’. Consciously modelled on a famous short story by Raymond Carver, Englander’s spare realist narrative explores the continuing legacy of the Holocaust, its complicated role in shaping Jewish identity and the ethical responsibility of the individual in the face of genocide.

Please respect our speakers. Please be on time for the talk.


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Kids activities: making beaded Magen Davids and year-end parties

JKids: This Friday, Sharon will be teaching us how to bead Magen Davids.

Youth Zone: Always available as a place to hang out on Friday evening.

JKids Jnr: Saturday at 09h00 will be the last JKids Jnr session for the year. We will have our year-end “bring and breakfast” party.

Benny Stalson Religion School: The Religion School year-end party will be held this Sunday, 27 November, from 10h00 to 13h00. Please RSVP to Carmit Verreyne or Sandy Bean at the Shul Office. For Religion School kids only.

The final Religion School class for 2016 will be held on Saturday, 3 December.


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Israeli comedy, Together, Against the Odds, plays at Beit Emanuel on Saturday night

The Israeli comedy “Together, Against the Odds”, about a South African couple who made Aliya, will be staged in Beit Emanuel’s Slome Auditorium on Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 20h00. This is one of only two performances of this comedy in Johannesburg.

The show, starring married South African couple, Grant Crankshaw and Daniella Roman, is an hilarious autobiographical tale of the couple and their experiences both pre and post Aliyah (immigration to Israel).

The second of only two shows will be performed in the Slome Auditorium at Beit Emanuel on Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 20h00. Tickets are R200 and can be purchased online at Webtickets:


Please note that tickets WILL ALSO be on sale at the door before the show.

Please note the change of venue from the Janks Hall to the Slome Auditorium.


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Anyone able to donate a lawn-mower and edge-trimmer (“weed-eater”)?

The past few weeks have proved to be quite trying with regard to maintenance and repairs, and this week has been no exception. Our petrol lawn-mower and electric edge-trimmer both decided to “hand in their notice” to us. Even Mandla, who is something of a handyman, has admitted defeat and consigned the two appliances to the scrap-heap.

If anyone in the community has a lawn-mower and/or weed-eater they no longer require and would be prepared to donate to the Shul, please contact Sandy at the Shul Office on 011 646 6170 or [email protected]


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Our thanks to Temple Sinai of Bergen County for their generous donation

Our grateful thanks to the rabbi, management, congregants and staff of Temple Sinai of Bergen County in Tenafly, NJ in the US, for generously donating fifty copies of our current High Holy Day prayer book (Machzor), Gates of Repentance to Beit Emanuel. They also absorbed the cost of the shipping, about $400 (+/- R6,000 in our money!). Thanks in particular to their Executive Director, Joseph Slade for his role in the donation.


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Please advise Sandy in advance should you have guests coming to services

A reminder that, in order to ensure the safety of our members, their guests and the congregation’s property, we are in the process of introducing a Guest List system for our services and other events. In order to avoid any embarrassment, delays, or even denial of access, please ensure that you notify Sandy of your guests’ details beforehand (011 646 6170 or [email protected]). These details will then be included on the Guest List provided to the Security Team members on duty for that service/event.

Also a reminder to members to collect a discreet BE parking sticker from the Shul Office, to be displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle/s (passenger side). This will help to eliminate delays at the gate before services/events.

Lastly, please wind down the driver’s side window of your vehicle when approaching the gate, particularly if your vehicle’s windows are tinted. Once again, this simple step will help to cut down delays at the gate, by allowing our security volunteers to easily identify or engage with you.


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Our services this Shabbat, 4-5 November: Reuben Fleisch Barmitzvah

Shabbat Noach

4-5 NOVEMBER 2016 – 4 Cheshvan 5777


TORAH: Genesis 6:9—11:32

HAFTARAH: Isaiah 54:1—55:5


Kabalat Shabbat Service: 06.00 p.m. –Synagogue followed by a Kiddush in the Janks Hall.


Shabbat Morning Service – 09h30 in the Shul (Reuben Fleisch’s Bar Mitzvah), followed by a Kiddush provided by the Fleisch family.

 JTALK – +/- 11h45 – This week, Wayne Sussman talks about “America Votes – The 2016 Elections”

TALMUD STUDY – +/-13h00 – Tractate Berachot, using the new Koren Hebrew/English edition of the Talmud. Venue: Gillis Boardroom.


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JTalk: Wayne Sussman on the implications of next week’s US elections

We are just a few days away from the American elections. On Tuesday 8 December, Americans will go to the polls and choose whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will replace Barack Obama as President of the most powerful nation on earth. Join election fanatic Wayne Sussman to hear what makes American elections so exciting and why a small state like New Hampshire matters much more than New York.


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KJids on Noah and his ark

Kids/Youth programmes

JKids: This Friday we will be doing an activity on Noah and his Ark.

Youth Zone: Always available as a place to hang out on Friday evening.

JKids Jnr: There will be JKids Jnr this Saturday morning, from 09.00 to 09.45. See you there!


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Plans for a community hub at Beit Emanuel. Want to get involved?

On Thursday last week a small group met to share ideas about a proposed Community and Cultural Hub at Beit Emanuel and to consider what the initial focus may be.

The idea is to use the classrooms and other spaces in the Stalson Building to provide a hub for community activities, in partnership with outside organisations, and to create at Beit Emanuel a centre of secular learning, debate, social relationships, skills development and creativity. This centre will provide an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of big city living for all those who can access the precinct.

We explored some of the other programmes available in the area. We recognised that

the Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre at Great Park Synagogue and other centres successfully offer talks, movies and once off events. The major gap seems to be adult education courses and interactive programmes along the lines of Limmud. Also missing are meaningful dialogues between communities of different faiths to build understanding and connection.

The meeting agreed that we will begin our programmes in March/April 2017 by focusing on the interfaith elements of our centre. We will run programmes on peace-making, ethical values arising from diverse religions and cultures, collaboration between communities and understanding different faiths and approaches to spirituality.

The intention is to encompass spirituality and values broadly and not limit ourselves to the monotheistic traditions. We will offer yoga, tai chi, and other forms of mind-body activities. We wish to introduce art classes, choral or individual singing, drama and dance. These may be formal classes or opportunities for interested people to engage in group activities.

We did not discuss funding in much detail though this will need to be explored. For now, we are looking at volunteers to provide programmes and will probably need participants to pay a small fee towards covering costs and to give the facilitators a small honorarium. This is a short-term plan but longer term we will need to explore funding. Marketing will be crucial. Unless we can get public participation in programmes the Hub will not be viable.

My personal hope is to see the introduction of courses in, for example, African literature, art history and similar cultural themes, but perhaps this is the next stage of development.

At present, we propose to call the centre JHub—Cultural Centre for Ethical Learning.

If anyone is interested in getting involved or feels that they can contribute, please speak to Diane Fine (083 450 2089).


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A walk through Jewish Yeoville on 13th November

Beit Emanuel will do a walk through the suburbs of Yeoville & Observatory on Sunday, 13th November 2016. The neighbourhood was home to many Jewish families in the old days, including some famous Jewish communists and activists in the anti-apartheid struggle.

The walk will be led by the knowledgeable and entertaining Ishvara Dhyan, who has led previous walks through Jewish Doornfontein.

Some of the highlights on the walk include :

  • The Hoffmannor – Communist safehouse in the late fifties after the movement had been banned.
  • The home of the Slovo family in the Thirties.
  • Joe Slovo’s home in the Nineties when he returned to South Africa.
  • Rockey Street. The street Ruth First grew up on.
  • The House of Dreams – home of Lionel & Hilda Bernstein.
  • Observatory Girls Primary School. “The red diaper“ school.
  • The Indian War Memorial – magnificent views of the city.

The walk begins at the Hoffmannor at 52 Urania Street in Observatory at 10.00 am on Sunday 13th November.

Cost per person: R100-00 per person attending

Banking details :

Temple Emanuel

FNB Killarney Branch 256 205

A/C no. 5486 0049 352

Please use the Beneficiary Reference “[SURNAME] + YEOVILLE WALK” for all payments. Email [email protected]

Please bring along bottled water. Note that there are some inclines on this walk. The tour will take approximately 3 hours. There will be a few stops to rest along the way. Secure parking along Urania Street.



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Shabbat Services this weekend, 16th-17th September. Ray Sher 2nd Barmitzvah





Kabalat Shabbat Service: 06.00 p.m. -Synagogue – followed by a Kiddush in the Main Hall, generously sponsored by anonymous donors. Thank you!


Shabbat Morning Service – 09h30 in the Shul (Second Bar Mitzvah of Ray Sher) followed by a Kiddush in the Courtyard/Garden.

JTALK – 11h15 – This week artist Susan Woolf, will discuss taxi hand signs. Full details on page 2

TALMUD STUDY – 12h45 – Tractate Berachot, using the new Koren Hebrew/English edition of the Talmud.

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Appeal from Jody for help with the kids. Plus, JKids and YouthZone this week

Jody Segel, who looks after the younger children on Friday nights and the High Holy days, has asked us to publish the following appeal for help:

“Dear parents – As you know, the High Holy Days are coming up, and I desperately need some volunteers to help me with the children. Activities will be planned and the resources available; I just need extra sets of hands and eyes. If you are willing to volunteer, please message me on 0729361166 and advise the dates and times you’d prefer to help. Secondly, we need a lot of materials for the kids during the High Holy Days. Please could you consider either donating money towards buying stationery, paper, cardboard, books, balls, beads, etc., or alternatively donating any of these items? This would be a big help, both morally and financially. Lastly, please could you save empty toilet rolls and old newspapers to use in my activities? You can bring them on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. I really appreciate all of your help. A programme for the activities will be sent out shortly. Warm regards, Jody”



Friday, 16th—Movie in the Kids’ Library

Youth Zone

Friday, 16 – Crafts – Making felt magnets


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Let the shul office know if you have visitors driving in

A reminder to please let the Shul Office know if you invite a guest to attend one of our services or other events, and if they are arriving in their own cars. Your guests’ car registration details will be included on a list provided to our Security Team, saving time and preventing inconvenience.


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