Rabbi Shaked presents a Tu-Bishvat seder, Saturday after service

Tu-Bishvat, a festival celebrating trees and fruits, coincides with this week’s Shabbat, starting on Friday night and ending on Saturday night. In modern times, particularly among Progressive Jews, it has become a celebration of ecological awareness. As a minor festival, Tu-Bishvat is often poorly understood. Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked will present the JTalk this week, leading a mini – Seder, explaining its significance and the various rituals associated with it, and reading and singing the traditional songs.

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Retirement gift for Richard Mkhabele, retiring after 45 years service

There will a presentation/farewell for Richard Mkhabele (who is retiring after 45 years’ loyal service to Beit Emanuel) at the end of the AGM proceedings.

If anyone is still planning to contribute towards a retirement gift for Richard, please make your donation by end of day on Tuesday, 14 February 2017.

Donations can be paid into our bank account, as follows:

Temple Emanuel

FNB Killarney Branch 256 205

A/C no. 5486 0049 352

Please use the Beneficiary Reference [YOUR SURNAME] [RICHARD]


Groundsman required to replace Richard

With Richard’s retirement, we will be looking for a new groundsman from 1 March.  The individual will need to be physically strong and active and be able to use his initiative, follow detailed instructions and work as part of a team.

He will work a 5 ½ day week (Mon to Sat), and may be required to work overtime.  Accommodation is provided and the salary is negotiable.

CVs and/or applications can be sent to the Shul Office, or emailed to office@beitemanuel.co.za.


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Last chance to sign up for Reform Tours of Israel

We recently distributed the itineraries for the proposed Reform Tour/s of Israel, which will take place in April and/or May 2017 (subject to demand).

  • Please contact Johanna Crystal at Azure Travel on 011 442 8044 or email johanna@azuretravel.co.za for further information or to book
  • Bookings must be made by 15 February 2017 at the latest
  • Costs are based on 30 passengers including children
  • There will be a lucky draw for a prize of R2,000 in spending money for participants in the tour/s, generously sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Brochures are available at Beit Emanuel from Ian West, our Treasurer.

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Mazaltov to Dr Leslie Cooper on his Third Barmitzvah


To Dr. Leslie Cooper, who will be flying off to Tasmania with his son Russell on Sunday, following his third Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, also attended by his son Lance and the grandchildren.

Dr Cooper, who turns 96 soon, gave a remarkable performance to many friends and relatives on Saturday, reciting his portion in fluent Hebrew and following up with a short speech about his life story, including tributes to his late wife, Hazel.



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Hochschild and Lipman memorials this Sunday

The Unveiling for The Late Simon Hochshild takes place at Westpark Cemetery on Sunday, 12th at 10h00.

A Memorial for  the Late Beata Lipman takes place on Sunday, 12th from 14h00 – 17h00 at Constitution Hill.


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Our services this Shabbat, 27th January. Bat Mitzvah: Adelaide Ruiters


1 SHEVAT 5777

TORAH: EXODUS 6:2 – 9:35




Kabbalat Shabbat Service: 06.00 p.m. – in the Shul, followed by a Kiddush in the Janks Hall.

Our Brocha this Friday evening has been sponsored by the family of The Late Simon Hochschild. Sweets for the kids sponsored by Adelaide Ruiters.



Shabbat Morning Service – 09h30 in the Shul (Bat Mitzvah of Adelaide Ruiters), followed by a Kiddush in the Courtyard/Garden.

The Brocha this Saturday has been sponsored by Adelaide Ruiters to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah.

JTALK – 11h45 – Yda Walt talks on Where is Kovno? The journey back to Lithuania in search of roots. JTalk will be held in the Slome Auditorium this week.

TALMUD STUDY  – +/-12h45 –  Tractate Berachot, using the new Koren Hebrew/English edition of the Talmud. The Talmud Study Group will meet in the Community Library (Classroom 3).


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Beit Emanuel Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on 16th February

Beit Emanuel’s Annual General Meeting is in three weeks, on Thursday, 16 February, and all paid-up members are welcome to speak, to volunteer and to vote, whether you’re a once-a-year-Jew or a regular.

The Rabbi, the Chairman and the Treasurer will present annual reports on activities during the year, plans for the future and the state of the bank balances. The key business will be the election of a new Management Committee. Several members of the current committee have indicated that they will stand again. There will nonetheless be vacancies, and some important functions need filling by people who can bring a new energy to the committee. Even if you have no desire to stand for election, there are certain kinds of voluntary activity in which we always need help:

  • Planning and executing of events, ranging from Pesach Seders to Purim fun days to fundraisers and concerts.
  • Marketing and communications of Beit Emanuel events.
  • Security.
  • Care for the sick and Tikkun Olam.

The Management committee consists of a minimum of ten people elected at the AGM, to which another four co-opted members may be added. The committee generally meets once a month. A small Executive consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer meets more often. The AGM will also elect one member of the Board of Guardians, which is an oversight committee, to serve a three-year term. Guardians are required to have served previously on the Management Committee; they are generally former office-bearers.

Those members who wish to put resolutions before the AGM must do so by 2 February, 14 days before the meeting. The AGM starts at 7.00pm in the Slome Auditorium. Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

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Plaque in honour of Simon Hochschild being erected in garden before shabbat

  • A plaque in honour of The Late Simon Hochschild is being erected in the garden.  The plaque will be unveiled just prior to the Shabbat evening service this Friday (27 January at 17h30).
  • A Memorial Service for The Late Beata Lipman will take place at Constitution Hill on Sunday, 12 February from 2-5 PM.

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A double Mazal Tov to Adelaide Ruiters

Mazal Tov to Adelaide for her Bat Mitzva this Saturday, and for receiving a “Women Super Achiever Award”!

The World Women Leadership Congress  www.worldwomenleadershipcongress.org (part of the World HRD Congress 2017 25th anniversary)  will be conferring the award, “Women Super Achiever Award” to Adelaide Ruiters on 17 February in Mumbai India . This international award recognizes professional women for their contribution to society and the business sector in various award categories. Adelaide will be acknowledged for her contribution in her areas of expertise namely Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication and Industrial Sectors.

Adelaide is the Managing Director of Structa EPCM.

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Kids/Youth programmes

JKids: This week we are having our first JKids Shabbat service! We will begin promptly at 6pm in the courtyard, with the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

All kids are welcome, and teens are welcome too.

We will end our service with a small Kiddush over grape juice and Challah.

Hope to see you all there!

Youth Zone: Always available as a place to hang out and chill.

JKids Jnr: 09h00 every Saturday morning.

Benny Stalson Religion School: Mondays from 16:00-18:30 and Saturdays from9:30-11:30.

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JTalk this week: Yda Walt talks on holocaust exhibition Where is Kovno?

Yda Walt will speak about her exhibtion Where is Kovno?, which will open at the new Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre (JHGC).  The exhbition explores the tragedy of the genocide of Lithuanian Jewry, many of whom shared close ancestral links with the South African Jewish community.  Lithuanian Jews, Litvaks, had lived besides their neighbours for hundreds of years. During WW2, almost the entire community was murdered  and buried in over 200 mass killing sites scattered throughout the country.

Please respect our speakers by being on time for the talk.

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Our services over the holiday period


23-24 DECEMBER 2016

24 KISLEV 5777

 TORAH: Genesis 37:1 – 40:23

HAFTARAH: Amos 2:6 – 3:8


Kabbalat Shabbat Service: 06.00 p.m. – in the Slome Auditorium, followed by a Kiddush in the Foyer/Courtyard.


Shabbat Morning Service – 09h30 in the Garden, followed by a Kiddush in the Foyer/Courtyard.

 JTALK – +/- 11h15 – No JTalk for the remainder of 2016. JTalk will resume on 7 January 2017.

 TALMUD STUDY  – +/-12h45 –  Tractate Berachot, using the new Koren Hebrew/English edition of the Talmud. The Talmud Study Group will break until 21 January 2017.

Shabbat evening services will be held in the Slome Auditorium from 23 December 2016 through 6 January 2017.  Friday evening Kiddushim will therefore be held in the Slome Foyer/Courtyard for the same period.  Shabbat morning services will still be held in the Garden (weather permitting), with the Saturday morning Kiddushim being held in Slome Foyer/Courtyard.  If you’re in Joburg over this period, please help to ensure that we always have a Minyan.

 We will be lighting candles for Chanukah on Friday, 30 December.  Please bring your kids, your Chanukiot and 7 candles to the Shabbat evening service on the 30th.  Speaking of Chanukah, the ladies from the Union of Jewish Women (UJW)’s empowerment projects have come up with some interesting wire/bead Chanukiot, which are on sale in our Judaica cabinet in the Shul Foyer.  If you’re looking for something unusual, for a gift or for your own home, please have a look.

 Our choir will be taking a well-deserved break over the Festive Season, and will be back to enhance our Friday evening worship as from 13 January.



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Rabbi Dr Robert Ash visits BE this weekend

We are delighted to advise that Rabbi Ash will be visiting South Africa in December/January.

He will arrive on 19 December, but then immediately depart for the Kruger Park.  He will return to Gauteng on 23 December and remain here until 30 December, when he travels to KZN.  He then returns to Gauteng on 5 January, remaining until his departure to Manchester on 11 January.

Rabbi Ash will be attending services at Beit Emanuel on 23/24 December and 6/7 January.  He will be delivering the sermon on the evening of Friday, 6 January and has also generously offered to sponsor our Kiddush that evening.

If anyone can host Rabbi Ash for a few days during his stay in Johannesburg, either during the last week in December or between 5 and 11 January, please contact Prof Merle Williams on telephone number 011 646 4681 or email address Merle.Williams@wits.ac.za

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Courtyard off limits while roofing repairs done in the courtyard

Our insurance-appointed contractors will be replacing the Polycarbonate sheeting over the Courtyard in the coming days, so the Courtyard might be off limits for a few days.  They will also be replacing or restoring some of the carpeting in the Janks Hall (and later at the rear of the Shul) during the coming weeks.  The damage is all related to the severe thunder- and hail-storm in November.  While some of the damage has been covered by insurance, we will have no choice but to embark on a programme of proactive maintenance work in 2017, to preserve the congregation’s assets and ensure that future claims are not repudiated.

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Beit Emanuel office to be closed until after secular New Year

Although Beit Emanuel will operate throughout the summer break, the Shul Office will close during the week between Christmas and the secular New Year, due to overlapping leave dates for our office staff.  Rabbi Shaked will be available during normal hours, and a skeleton grounds staff and security will continue to operate throughout.

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