Become a member

Beit Emanuel welcomes applications for membership from anyone who is Jewish.

Jewish’ for the purpose of membership of the synagogue means either (i) that a person was born to a Jewish mother or (ii) has converted to Judaism under the auspices of a Jewish religious authority recognized by the South African Association of Progressive Rabbis (SAAPR) and the South African Union for Progressive Judaism (SAUPJ).
There is a simple application form available from the synagogue office (or you can download a copy by clicking here).

The Rabbi will ask you to provide documentary evidence of Jewish status. If you have any questions about this, please consult Rabbi Shaked who will be pleased to assist you.


It is very important that Jews affiliate to the organized Jewish community. Without your support:

  • no synagogues would be built and maintained
  •  no Rabbis would be recruited, trained or employed
  •  no communal religious services such as cemeteries would exist
  • there would be no social welfare help for people in need
  •  schools, residential homes and orphanages would not be maintained.

Through your membership of a synagogue, your participation and financial support achieves a great deal.

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