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Chair, 2016/17: Irwin Manoim

  • Served three years on the Beit Emanuel Board of Guardians before becoming Chairman of the Management Committee in 2016. Researching a book on the history of the Progressive movement in South Africa.
  • Joint founder and editor of the Weekly Mail newspaper (1985), now the Mail&Guardian.
  • Creative Director of digital communications company Big Media.
  • Website and newspaper designer
  • Media consultant and public speaker
  • First person to work as an online journalist in South Africa
  • Teaches media and communications theory at the Journalism Studies programme, Wits University.
  • Writer, editor and author


2011 Report from the Chairman

A year of many changes at Beit Emanuel Chairman Simon Hochschild reports on 2011   Another very eventful year has passed at Beit Emanuel, but allow me to begin by wishing our community another year of peace and prosperity. As we again reach this month of Elul, our Jewish heritage reminds us that it is …

2012 Report from the Chairman

Chairman Russell Cohen looks ahead to 5773 and beyond     Shana Tova  First of all I would like to wish our members everything of the very best for the year ahead.  May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year.  In days gone by, stand-up comedians might have begun a …