Ongoing Donation Opportunities

Membership dues don’t go very far when it comes to covering the running expenses of Beit Emanuel.  As a result, we are always looking for sponsors for our Friday night kiddushim, chocolates, Torah Breakfasts and other events and expenses.
Your donation or sponsorship, whether large or small, full or partial, recognised or anonymous, is always welcome.


One of the simplest payment mechanisms around! click on the link below to pay via card:


We are registered for the SnapScan payment mechanism. Please feel free to make a random donation (just “sommer”) using our unique QR Code and the SnapScan App on your iOS or Android smartphone. Please enter your SURNAME as the payment reference.
Beit Emanuel SnapScan QR Badge


We are also registered with the PayPal payment processing mechanism. Simply click on the PayPal button below to make a donation. (Please note that the PayPal transactions are denominated in US Dollars (USD), not Rands (ZAR)!)

Banking Details

You can also do things the “old-fashioned” way by making a payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT), to the following bank account details:

Temple Emanuel T/A Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue
FNB Killarney Branch, Clearing Code 256 205. Account Number 5486 0049 352

Please use a Beneficiary Reference that will be meaningful to US (the Beneficiary) not to YOU (the Payer)! (Your Surname is always a good choice.)

For a complete list of items which constantly require sponsorship, please see the schedule below:

Item Description Donation
Sweets Chocolates for kids, Friday evening R54
Friday Kiddush Erev Shabbat Kiddush R1440-2520
Torah Breakfast Torah Breakfast, Shabbat R180
Choir Sponsor a Shabbat morning choir service R1260
Saturday Kiddush Shabbat morning Kiddush R360
Gift voucher Donation in name of loved one R180-18,000
Siddur Mishkan T’Filah with bookplate R450
Machzor Gates of Repentance HHD prayer book w/bookplate R360
Plaut Commentary The Torah: A Modern Commentary (W. Gunther Plaut) w/bookplate R450
Kippa Kippa (yarmulke) with Beit Emanuel logo R18
Tallit Tallit R1080
Textbooks Hebrew textbooks for Religion School R180
Camp Sponsorship Send a Channie to Machaneh (Netzer) R180-5400
Tree of life Leaf on tree of life (foyer) R(Based on size)
Lecture Sponsor annual lecture series R2700

02 November 2012

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