Beit Emanuel Matters, 25/26 February 2020

Happening this Shabbat

This Shabbat sees our usual line-up of hybrid services, with the Shabbat evening service in the Shul and on Zoom at 18h00 on Friday evening, followed by a Brocha in the Janks Hall. This week’s Brocha was kindly sponsored by Mickie Jacobs. Toda Raba Mickie, and Yom Huledet Sameach for Saturday! Our less-formal Shabbat morning service will be on the Veranda and on Zoom at 09h30 on Saturday morning, followed by a Brocha in the Courtyard.

Temple/Beit Emanuel 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our 27th AGM takes place virtually (on Zoom) on the evening of Thursday, 10 March 2022 at 19h00. The formal notice of the meeting and related documentation will be sent out separately by end of day on Friday, 25 February.

A reminder that only members in good standing are entitled to participate in the meeting or to be nominated for vacancies on the Management Committee (Mancom) or Board of Guardians (BOG).

Purim/Purim Night Market

We’re gearing up for our Purim festivities, with Purim falling on 16/17 March this year. We’re planning to have a Purim Night Market in the carpark/piazza beforehand. If you’re an artisan, artist or retailer, and you’re interested in taking up a table, please contact Lesley Hudson on 083 325 1701 or email address

If you’re interested in taking on one of the Megillah readings (English or Hebrew), please get in touch with Martin Ramos on 082 455 3367 or email address

Just to make sure that there’s a suitably festive atmosphere, we’ll be providing punch. If you’d like to bring a bottle to share, though, please do so!


So much on my calendar I need to share with you!

PURIM NIGHT MARKET: do you have something you want to sell?

WE ARE GOING BIG AND OUT THERE! Beit Emanuel is on one helluva drive to increase membership. So big we are even talking Billboard Big. We need members who are willing to have their photos taken to be part of the campaign. Please, contact me. I’m excited and you will be too.

From BOBBE’S KITCHEN TO THE SHABBAT TABLE – IN SEARCH OF OUR COOKBOOKS: Beit Emanuel is participating in a global search for Jewish cookbooks. Irwin Manoim got an email from an academic in New York who is compiling an archive of cookbooks produced by Jewish communities around the world. Not big Sharon Glass-type stuff; the little amateur cookbooks produced by “ladies committees” to raise money. His interest is how traditional Jewish cuisine travelled, changed, or did not change, over time.

He has already found sixty or more South African cookbooks, and we put a few others that were produced in Cape Town in the history exhibition at the Jewish Museum last year. But he wanted to know if the Joburg Jewish Progressive movement published any.

Anybody have copies of ancient Temple/Beit Emanuel or Sisterhood cookbooks (actually any SA Reform Temple or Sisterhood)? If, so please give Morgana a call.

AND OF COURSE, you know what’s coming next? Our very own new collection of recipes. Watch out for more details in the weeks to come.

Please contact me: 083 325 1701 /


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