Beit Emanuel Matters, 18/19 February 2020

Happening this Shabbat

Bar Mitzvah Gabriel Ritchken

Gabriel Ritchken will become Bar Mitzvah in Shul this Saturday morning. A hearty Mazal Tov to Gabriel, proud parents Edwin and Alex, sister Lila and the rest of Gabriel’s family. The service will be hybrid (on the usual Shabbat morning service link) for those who are unable to be there in person.

Hybrid Services

Speaking of hybrid services, we’re all over the moon following the very generous donation we received from Gordon Schachat and the Schachat family. The donation was specifically to allow us to invest in the technology necessary to conduct seamless “hybrid” services, i.e. with both an in-Shul/in-person and an online (Zoom) component. Watch this space…

Youth activities

A few weeks ago we had successful Shabbaton with Beit Emanuel’s youth cohort. We continue with monthly activities. On 26 February 2022 at 18h00 (6 PM) we’ll hold a Youth Havdalah on Zoom. Before that, we’ll have a presentation on Jewish ethics and a presentation on Kashrut from the perspective of Progressive Judaism, with questions and debate. One of the questions that has been posed from time to time is whether or not all Jews are vegetarian, with some no longer certain whether they should eat meat or not. These are some of the issues that will be open to discussion. The title of the presentation is Ethical Kashrut. Please contact Kendra Mukasa on 064 089 2669 or for more details.

On another note, we’ve started compiling a portfolio of creative writing. These are poems, short stories, songs, etc that will go into our publications during the course of the year. Please send any creative writing you’d like included to Thabani Sibanda at, or write to him at this address for more details.

Purim/Purim Night Market

We’re gearing up for our Purim festivities, with Purim falling on 16/17 March this year. We’re planning to have a Purim Night Market in the carpark/piazza beforehand. If you’re an artisan, artist or retailer, and you’re interested in taking up a table, please contact Lesley Hudson on 083 325 1701 or email address

If you’re interested in taking on one of the Megillah readings (English or Hebrew), please get in touch with Martin Ramos on 082 455 3367 or email address

Just to make sure that there’s a suitably festive atmosphere, we’ll be providing punch. If you’d like to bring a bottle to share, though, please do so!


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