Beit Emanuel Matters, 21/22 January 2022

Happening this Shabbat

Aaron Greenblatt’s Barmie

Aaron Greenblatt will become Bar Mitzvah in Shul this Shabbat. A hearty Mazal Tov to Steve, Lee and Aaron Greenblatt on this milestone! The late Simon Hochschild would be Kvelling with Naches!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, we request that attendance in person be limited to immediate family and invited guests. Please celebrate with the family by joining on Zoom.

This past week

We had a successful Youth Shabbaton/Shul Sleepover last Friday/Saturday. I have seen some pictures, and will share a link to them next week. We also had a successful community gardening effort for Tu B’Shvat on Monday afternoon. Again, pictures to follow.

Garden Fund

We would like to set up a small Garden Fund, to finance our very modest garden needs, e.g. occasional additional labour, lawn squares, compost, topsoil, etc. If you’re able to assist with this, please mark your contributions with your Surname and Garden.

Hybrid Service Tech Team

Over the 5782 High Holy Days, we had a small Tech Team to assist with the various aspects of running a service on Zoom, e.g. Muting/Unmuting, Sharing (videos, etc.), Spotlighting and so on. Although we’ve now switched to hybrid services, there is still a need for this type of support. This is mainly being handled by our Vice Chair, Simonne Horwitz. As Simonne contributes to the community in so many ways, it would be great if we could have a roster of reasonably tech-savvy people to spread the load. If you’d like to join our small team (currently 4), please message Simonne on 072 769 7961 or .

Sarmies Project

Last request for this week: Contributions to the Sarmies Project (in cash and kind) are not quite where they were last year. We realise that this may be due to the January (“the longest month”) phenomenon, and things will no doubt pick up again in the weeks ahead. If there’s any way that you could expedite this recovery, everyone involved (especially the beneficiaries) would be most grateful. Please contact Simonne Horwitz (contact details above) for any enquiries regarding the initiative. Please also see below her report on the Christmas Hampers distributed in December.

Sarmies Project Christmas Hampers

On the 15th of December Jewish Christmas Elves and our regular volunteers were able to hand out about 300 Christmas Hampers in Hillbrow thanks to the donations from the Beit Emanuel and Temple Israel Hillbrow communities. The people living on the street had told us that buckets are very useful so everyone got their Christmas hamper in a 5 litre bucket. They were filled with non-perishable food, toiletries and some Christmas treats for the adults. The children got toys, treats, story books, activity books and crayons. Thanks to an amazingly generous donation from the Limmud team everyone was also able to get a water bottle or travel mug and those were very much appreciated. Thank-you so much to everyone who made this possible by donating goods or money to make this possible – it was so rewarding to be able to being some small Christmas cheer to Hillbrow. We are now back to the weekly Sarmies, fruit and eggs. We are always happy to accept donations of toiletries, noodles or sweets to add to what we hand out.


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