Beit Emanuel Matters, 14/15 January 2022

Happening this Shabbat

Our Shabbat evening and morning services will be hybrid, taking place in Shul. The services will be followed by our much-loved Friday evening Brocha in the Janks Hall, with the Saturday morning Brocha in the Courtyard/Garden. We look forward to seeing all of you there again, suitably vaccinated, masked and sanitised, of course!

We’ll also be having our Youth Shabbaton/Shul Sleepover this Friday/Saturday, centred on our Brasch (Youth) Lounge. The cost is a very modest R120, including all meals and snacks. Please contact Kendra Mukasa on 064 089 2669 or for details.

Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat takes place next Monday (the 17th). We’ll observe the festival by spending a couple of hours tending the Shul garden during the Religion School timeslot (16h00 to 18h30). This will also serve to open the Religion School’s academic year, but all others/ages are also welcome. Please meet in the Garden at 16h00.

Please bring along the following:

Gloves, rakes (large or small), forks, small tools for digging and weeding, cutters, buckets, black bags.

Also a raincoat and Wellies if its wet!

We last did something for Tu B’Shvat as a community two years ago, just prior to Lockdown. Here’s Carolyn’s video of the Tu B’Shvat tree-planting activity in early 2020 as a reminder.

Religion School and Jkids

We’re still dealing with some issues around in-person or virtual classes and Jkids activities, and we’ll communicate with all affected next week.

Online Hebrew classes

Our beginners and advanced Hebrew classes will resume next Monday and Tuesday (respectively) at 18h30. Those participating in the ITJ Programme can engage with our Hebrew Teacher, Morah Lizi Geva, as to which class to attend. Lizi can be contacted on 082 454 1472 or .

ITJ Programme

Our ITJ Programme for 2022 kicked off this Wednesday (the 12th), with most of the participants present in the Gillis Boardroom and just a few on Zoom. The group was in high spirits, and we hope that Omicron and its descendants will allow us to continue in this way!

Sarmies Project

The Sarmies Project also resumed this week, with good donations of sandwiches, fruit, etc. (although not quite at 2021 levels). Simonne Horwitz, the project coordinator for Beit Emanuel, reports that the group was welcomed with open arms (or at least the COVID-19 equivalent thereof!) at Temple Israel Hillbrow. Your ongoing support for this grassroots project would be much appreciated. All contributions in cash or kind are fully distributed to some very needy recipients, with no administrative overheads.

We’ll be publishing a more detailed report on the project next week, accompanied by pictures.

Aaron Greenblatt’s Barmie

Aaron Greenblatt (the late Simon Hochschild’s grandson) becomes Bar Mitzvah in Shul next Shabbat (the 22nd). A hearty Mazal Tov to Steve, Lee and Aaron Greenblatt on this milestone!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, we request that attendance in person be limited to immediate family and invited guests. Please celebrate with the family by joining on Zoom.

Wishing all our congregants, friends and supporters all of the very best for the year ahead.

Shabbat Shalom!


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