Just a little, brings BIG cheer | The Sarmies Project’s Christmas Hamper Campaign

Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting goods as part of the Sarmies Project’s Christmas Hamper Campaign. This will be a very special treat for the people who have really suffered this year and we hope it will bring some joy to them at Christmas.

Please start collecting the following goods:

  • Tins: baked beans, tuna, bully beef, pilchards, condensed milk
  • Bulk products: sugar, mielie meal, pasta, packet soups and so on
  • Hygiene products: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, washing soap, face cloths, sanitary towels/ feminine hygiene products
  • Other: Gently used clothes, toys, blankets
  • If you are unable to donate goods, feel free to make a financial donation. When you do, please let Christine know that it is for the Sarmies Project Christmas Hamper Campaign. We will arrange to purchase the goods.

Thank you so much for your continued support for our extremely worthwhile project. This really is Tikkun Olam in action!

Every week we see the people we have got to know come and get their sarmies and fruit. It’s not just the food they come for, but the care and respect we show them.

We want you to know how much your contribution is appreciated.


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