Beit Emanuel Matters, 2 October 2021

Bnei Mitzvah season begins!

The High Holy Days and related Chagim are now behind us. Our October Bnei Mitzvah season begins this weekend with the Bat Mitzvah of Micah Shapiro. If you’re an invited guest, please join us in Shul at 09h30 on the 2nd, otherwise please join us on Zoom, using our usual Shabbat morning service Zoom link. Mazal Tov to Micah and her family, and thank you to Aubrey and Janine Shapiro for the generous donation in celebration of Micah’s Battie.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a B’Mitzvah each week in October, apart from the weekend of the 9th, as follows:

16th, Bnei Mitzvah Challens family
23rd, Bnei Mitzvah Mostert family
30th Bat Mitzvah Beth Levin

Due to the numbers game we need to play to respect social distancing limits, we earnestly request that only invited guests attend any of the Bnei Mitzvah in person. For the rest of us, the services will be live on Zoom, and also streamed to Youtube.

Care Committee

Our Care Committee is unfortunately down to only five members, due to work and other commitments affecting past members. If you have a few hours to spare each month to do some “inreach” to other members of the congregation, please have a chat to Diane Fine about what’s needed. You can contact her on 083 450 2089 or email address .

Security Team

Now that we’re reopening the Shul for Shabbat services, we will need more of a security presence, particularly on Friday evenings. If you’re a former, current or prospective member of our Security Team willing to push beat again every now and then, please get in touch with team leader Graeme Hochschild (083 457 7848 or or 2 I/C Peter Joseph (082 900 1044 or

Leaf Blower

Our leaf blower appears to have reached the end of its useful life. If you have one that’s not being used at home due to leaf-blower rage, we’d be happy to take it off your hands!

Communal Magazines

We have dozens of copies of the JHB Chev’s Our Community annual report, as well as Hatzolah’s publication available in the Shul Foyer. Please feel free to pick up a copy of either or both when you’re next in the area. Perhaps when you’re dropping off your contribution to the Sarmies Project?

High Holy Days 5782/2021 Magazines

The final volume of our High Holy Days Publication (Yetzira: A Harvest of Creative Writing) has just been published. The links to all four volumes of this superb publication are as follows:

Rosh Hashanah Magazine

Yom Kippur Magazine

Sukkot Magazine

Yetzira Creative Writing Magazine

Shul reopening: The details

We were all starting to think it was never going to happen! For those of you who’ve been waiting for this moment (and we’re awed at how many there are!) here’s an outline of the plan:

  • Shabbat evening services in person to commence on Friday, 8 October
  • Shabbat morning services in person to commence on Saturday, 6 November
  • Although there will be in person Shabbat morning services during October, attendance is limited to invited guests of the Bnei Mitzvah families
  • Our much-loved Friday evening Brachot will re-commence on Friday, 5 November (subject to confirmation).
  • During October, only a brief (standing) Kiddush (Challah and wine) will be held in the Janks Hall.
  • Sponsorships (including partial sponsorships) for the Brachot will be gratefully accepted
  • All services will effectively become “hybrid” services, with both in-person and Zoom participants. Due to financial constraints, our technology platform is not quite where we wanted it to be, but we will be enhancing that as and when funds permit

Please see below for an outline of the protocols to be applied at our in-person services

COVID-19 Protocols for hybrid services

  • Limits. A maximum of 100 participants per service/event
  • Ventilation. Both sets of doors on either side of the Shul will be kept open and fans will be used to ensure air circulation
  • Vaccine mandate. In the case of those over 18, proof of COVID-19 vaccination must be provided on request
  • Mask mandate. All participants must be masked at all times, except when speaking or reading from the Bimah
  • Attendance register. Contact details (for at least one person per household) must be provided, to alert other participants in the event of an infection
  • Sanitising. Please sanitise or wash hands on entering or exiting the Foyer. Foot-operated hand-sanitiser pumps are available. In addition, the Shul’s bathrooms will be refitted to facilitate improved hygiene levels
  • Social Distancing. The Shul has been taped off to ensure that every second row of seats is kept vacant, and at least two seats are kept open between members of different households
  • Please don’t attend services or other events if you’re exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, or are feeling unwell in any way

We can’t wait to see you all again (masked, of course), in person instead of virtually. We also hope to see all of those who chose not to participate online for one reason or another.

Shabbat Shalom!

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