All about the High Holy Days 2021/5782

This post is all about the upcoming High Holy Days (2021/5782), now just weeks away. Here’s what we’d like to share with you.

Yes, we’ll be on Zoom

The first thing to note is that all our services will unfortunately be online only, using Zoom, our chosen videoconferencing platform. While the crucial Third Wave numbers are trending in the right direction, we can’t predict where they’ll be in a few weeks from now, nor what Lockdown level we’ll be at. So, Zoom it is, and we hope and pray that this will be the last time we’ll be saying that.

Links to services

There will be a single link that will allow you to access all our HHD services over this period, with the exception of our Shabbat evening and morning services, where the time-honoured links will still be in use. The links are therefore as follows:

All HHDs services, Shiurim and other events:

Shabbat evening and morning services:

Calendar for the HHDs

As mentioned in last week’s Bulletin, our programming for the HHDs has been wrapped up into a stunning Calendar (thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Saar, Irwin Manoim, and a team of contributors). We would have liked to be handing this out in the Shul Foyer, but we’ll have to make do with sending you the link instead, as follows:

Honours, readings, etc.

Our Receptionist, Morgana Segel is contacting all those who have been allocated a reading or any other form of honour over the HHDs. Expect an email message or a call from her in due course, and please respond as quickly as you can, so that the honour can be reallocated in need. You can reach Morgana on 087 188 9000 or email address .

Greetings video

We’re planning to put together a congregational greeting video for the HHDs. Please take part in this by making a 10-30 second video clip of you and your loved ones sending Shana Tova greetings to everyone, in your own unique style. Please email the video clips to Morgana at for editing and compiling.

Are you a musician?

We’re also putting together a database of congregants and friends with musical abilities and inclinations. If you can envision yourself contributing to Beit Emanuel’s emergent centre for Jewish music (or just jamming), please let Morgana have your details.


Even although our services will be virtual, you’ll still need a copy of Mishkan Hanefesh, our Machzor (prayer book for the High Holy Days). You are welcome to use the free online flipbook version of the Machzor, kindly made available by the CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis), which you can find here:

A better alternative, though, would be to purchase your own set (separate volumes for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). These are available from the Shul Office for R700 per set. Yet another reason to get in touch with Morgana on 087 188 9000 or email address .

Fees and Donations

It is traditional to settle outstanding shul membership fees prior to the Days of Awe. We know that many of our members are feeling the pinch, but if you are in a position to settle your outstanding fees, it will help take some of the strain off the Shul’s finances, after almost two years of flagging activities and revenues. Please contact our Financial Administrator, Christine McIntosh, to check on your outstanding balance or arrange for payment. You can reach her on 087 188 9003 or email address .

It’s never too early to make a donation towards Beit Emanuel’s High Holy Days Appeal, and it’s surely never been needed more than during this, our second year under one form of lockdown or another.

The theme of this year’s appeal is “A bisl un a bisl, vert a fule shisl – a little and a little, becomes a full bowl.”
Membership fees do not, unfortunately, cover the entire costs of running a synagogue, which include salaries and operational costs, upkeep and maintenance of facililties that are almost 70 years old, as well as unexpected expenses.

This year, we have two additional areas for which we would like to find funding. Both relate to the reality that for some time to come, our services will have to take place digitally:

  • Exploring new and more sophisticated forms of musical presentation, adapted to an online environment.
  • Upgrading our technology to enable us to deal with the complexities of streaming hybrid services (partly in the synagogue, partly online) in a more user-friendly manner.

We really mean that bit about “A bisl un a bisl, vert a fule shisl – a little and a little, becomes a full bowl.” We always encourage our members to “give generously within your means”. Whether that means R50 or R50,000, any and all donations will gratefully accepted and acknowledged. To make donating as painless as possible, we have several payment mechanisms available, which can all be accessed from our Website’s Donations Page, here:

There’s also a donations page on Quicket if you need even more payment options!


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