Beit Emanuel Matters 28/29 September 2018

The trend of strong attendance at our High Holy Days services continued during Sukkot, especially the Erev Sukkot (Open Sukkah) service on Sunday evening. The Shul, Janks Hall and Sukkah were all filled with members and visitors, both regulars and curious first-timers, of all faiths.

This weekend will bring the “season” to a close, with our Pride Shabbat service on Friday evening and Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah services on Sunday evening and Monday morning. Treasurer Ian West and former Chair Liebe Kellen will be honoured as Chatan Torah and Kallat Bereshit respectively. On Tuesday, our facilities staff will start to take down the Sukkah, and after that, 5779 will be in full swing.

Just while I think of it, a quick “Thank You” to those who donated towards the new state-of-the-art sound system for the Choir, which operates independently of the hard-wired sound system in the Shul and Hall. We hope you all enjoyed listening to the Choir without the audio glitches we’ve been experiencing.

A note on membership

It was wonderful to see so many old and new friends over the HHDs, with the Kol Nidrei service being particularly well-attended. If you’re not a member, and we only see you here once or twice a year, please remember that for our doors to open one day a year, we have to keep them open 365 days a year (or 354/384 days a year, if you prefer the Hebrew calendar).

One of the ways we do that is to encourage people to become members of the congregation. This means accepting our “Ts & Cs” and contributing to the finances of the Shul. We have a variety of options for those wishing to become members, and as a matter of principle and practice, we never turn away anyone unable to afford our standard pricing. So, if you’re hesitant to enquire about membership because you don’t think it’s affordable, put your mind at rest and make that call. We’ll meet you at least halfway.

Russell Cohen (Executive Director)


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