Operations Manager Ilana Alroy to leave for Scotland

Operations Manager Ilana Alroy, long-time “front of house” and voice on the phone for many people in our community, has resigned. She will be leaving for the UK before the year’s end, where she plans to settle. Ilana has been an indispensable part of Beit Emanuel since her arrival five years ago and we wish her all the best with her new life in Scotland.

A brocha will be held this Friday night in Ilana’s honour. We hope that as many congregants as possible will attend to say their farewells.

Meanwhile, Hester Hollander, who is responsible for Beit Emanuel’s HR portfolio on the management committee, is advertising the vacant post, which will need to be filled urgently. Those who are interested should contact Hester at hester@natsav.co.za. Please submit a CV along with your query.


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