Report back from the new SAUPJ chair, Monica Solomon

Monica Solomon of Bet David is the new national chair of the SAUPJ. In the interests of better communications, she will write regular notes for us, starting with the item below:


“We have started a new era for the SAUPJ which will result in greater autonomy for the regions whilst still ensuring a united body aiming to strengthen our ties to the South African community.  To this end I will try and keep you updated with what I have been doing here in Gauteng on behalf of all the Progressive congregations.

8 July – I attended a breakfast hosted by SAJBD and SAZF to welcome WUPJ delegates to SAUPJ biennial; 15-17 July – highly successful biennial in Cape Town;

25 July – I attended a Board of Deputies meeting; 27 July – I attended a meeting with the Hon Minister of Justice, Mr Michael Masutha.

At the moment we are busy sorting out the move of our offices to new premises.  We hope to have phone and email working soon and will advise you of those details when available.”


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