Please make a small donation towards a big supper

Our Friday night suppers have become so popular that they are attracting more and more people. Which means more and more food. Right now, we’re losing money every Friday night on the dinners. We’d hate to discontinue what has become such a popular feature of our week at Beit Emanuel, but if you do attend the dinners (which are open to all, members or non-members) please remember:

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, please sponsor a brocha! Last year we had sponsors almost every week, but this year, far fewer.

If you do attend a dinner, please put some money in the donations box in the centre of the table: R20 or R50, or whatever you can afford. Where else in this town will you get a good three course meal for so little money?

PS: And if you are one of the core group who donate every week, and who put in much more than the amounts above – we’re really grateful. It’s thanks to you that we’ve managed to continue this at all.


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