Don’t miss our full Shavuot programme this Saturday

We are delighted to advise a very full programme for Shavuot on Saturday night.:

Saturday 11/6:

18:00 Festival Evening Service (Shul)

19:00 Brocha and Cheesecake competition (Janks Hall)

All are invited to enter Dairy or Vegan cheesecakes. The competition will be adjudicated by a team of judges and an audience vote. Please let us know if you intend entering a cheesecake in either category. RSVP to the Shul Office on 011 646 6170 or


Tikkun Leil Shavuot (Slome Auditorium)

The theme this year is “Pilgrimage”, as Shavuot is one of the 3 Biblical pilgrim festivals, where the “Bikurim”, the first fruits and harvest were brought to the Temple to be dedicated to God.

20:00 Opening Ma’amad

20:15 Interfaith Panel

Pilgrimage is exercised in many faiths and traditions.   In this panel discussion we will present few elements of the perceptions of the 3 Monotheistic faiths on pilgrimage.

Professor Farid Esack (University of Johannesburg): “The Haj culture”

Frances Correia (The Jesuits Institute): “The Inner pilgrimage”

Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked: “Why Jerusalem?”

Facilitator – Professor Simonne Horwitz

21:30 Professor David Bilchitz:

“Peace in Jerusalem – practical political suggestions”

Jerusalem is a place of worship for many but also the heart of a harsh conflict. Prof. Bilchitz will be presenting some of the suggestions which were discussed during the years in order to bring peace unto Jerusalem, from the 30’s till today.

22:30 Ishvara Dhyan:

“Other than Jerusalem: Current Jewish pilgrimage customs”

Jews have developed great diversity of places of pilgrimage. Ishvara Dhyan will present slides and share the stories of these holy sites, from the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran to the memorial of the late Chabad Rabbi in New York.

23:20 Text study with Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked:

“The Master Sages on the Pilgrimage to Jerusalem”

The Mishna tells us in detail how the pilgrimage journey looked like. We will study the text with its relevant discussions and commentaries.

Sunday 12/6:

9:30 Festival Morning Service (Shul)

Please join us for the special songs and readings of the holiday. We will be having our friends from Bet David praying with us. We would especially like to invite those who joined us during this last year. You are our harvest for this year. We would like to offer all of you an Aliya during the Torah reading.

The Yizkor commemoration pray will be performed around 10:45.

Chag Sameach!


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