Some housekeeping rules around the Friday night brochas

The Management Committee has been asked to bring the following housekeeping matters to the attention of members and visitors who attend our Friday evening Brochas in the Jankes Hall:

We are always in need of volunteers to assist with serving and portion control. Please contact Bruny Simpson on 076 172 5303 if you can lend a hand behind the buffet tables.

Parents are requested to help their children dish up, especially at the cake and dessert table. This is necessary in order to ensure that everyone gets a helping, and that food waste is kept down to the minimum.

Please don’t allow your children to run in the hall. We have a fair number of older or infirm members, whose health would not benefit from a collision with a running child.

Please also don’t allow children to play on the stage. This is in the interests of the safety of the children, as well as out of concern for the stage fittings.

Please don’t eat or drink on the stage, or allow food or beverages to be placed on the stage. The stage is extremely difficult to clean when spillage gets in the gaps between the battens, and this is aggravating our ant infestation problem.

Please place your used crockery and cutlery in the green containers provided. In order to keep overtime costs down, we employ only a single staff member to clear up after the Friday evening Brocha, so please don’t leave dirty dishes on your table, or at the tea or dessert stations.

Please remember that this is a community event, not a cafeteria or a restaurant. We need the assistance of every person who attends to ensure that these events don’t end up becoming an intolerable burden on the congregation as a whole.


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