Facelift for Gillis Boardroom. Thanks to our donor

Those who attended our Shabbat morning programme last week will have seen that the Gillis Boardroom has been given a fresh coat of paint. This refresh was made possible through the generosity of a regular donor to Beit Emanuel, who wishes to remain anonymous. The drapes, which were long a feature of the Boardroom, had to be removed entirely, as large sections were perishing, and even disintegrating entirely.

With the drapes gone, however, it was noticed that the room has something of an echo, so this will be addressed along with a covering for the window overlooking the alleyway.

Various issues regarding the air-conditioning in the room are also being attended to.

At some stage in the future, we hope to install a retractable screen and a ceiling-mounted data projector for presentations and other audio-visual aids for meetings and seminars. These additional phases will, however, be subject to Mancom finding funding for the upgrades.


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