Parents join the kids at fun Tu’Bishvat planting and seder (with photos)

Tubishvat pictureChildren at the Religion School and their parents formed the core of the Tu’Bishvat celebration at the shul on Monday evening. A tree was planted in a large pot in a ceremony on the shul front steps, followed by a seder in the courtyard.

Rabbi Sa’ar entertained the guests on guitar and with quotes from the Tanach and Mishnah as he explained the history and significance of the ceremony. The core message was our obligation to “repair the world”, which included taking responsibility for nature, and for the damage we have done to the environment. The children participated with enthusiasm, to the delight of their parents, competing to answer questions and read out from the screen. Plates of dried fruit and glasses of “wine” were passed round and round. Carmit Verreyn, principal of the school pointed out that this year we have six more children than last year, an encouraging growth.

For more Tu’Bishvat photographs, visit our photo gallery on Flickr


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