JTalk restarts on 23rd January: The concept of cognitive biases


Following the service on Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic. Sessions run for approx. an hour starting at approx. 11.15 am.

23 January Michael Nulty FRSA, a mendicant philosopher from England will inform us about the concept of cognitive biases.

Cognitive biases were introduced in 1972 by university researchers, Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. What are they, how do they work for us and how come they often lead us astray?

30 January – Ishvara Dhyan Yiddish ” Mama Loshen ” the language of the Heart .

He will discuss the origins and the demise of Yiddish as a language and as a culture. How the language influenced American Culture. Who still speaks it. Yiddish Theatre. Yiddish Humour . Yiddish Politics. Yiddish revival and why we cannot abandon our Mama Loshen.


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