Traffic lights on our corner at Third and Oxford

Yes, you heard right! After three years of lobbying by Beit Emanuel, the Holy Family Convent and PPS (as well as intervention by the Gauteng Province), we will finally have traffic lights at the intersection of Third Avenue and Oxford Road.

Work is in progress at the moment, and according to the engineers on site, cables will be laid on Monday next week. They expect the work to be completed by the end of the week, so by Erev Shabbat on 15 January, the business of entering and existing the Shul via Oxford Road should be far less stressful, not to mention dangerous! (We know of at least one instance of one of our members being involved in a collision when turning right from Third into Oxford, and turning right from Oxford into Third can be equally hazardous during peak hours.)

Our grateful thanks to all involved in finally making this happen. It certainly looks as if 2016 is off to a very positive start…


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