Report-back on a successful fund-raising evening

Fundraising Evening – Fundraising Committee

…and so the Saturday 7th of November arrived and we found ourselves very excited and quite nervous at the same time. Organizing an event of this magnitude has been no challenge to us as all three of us had a good idea of what we wanted and how we were going to do it.

Firstly, we had to find sponsors who could help us make this event happen. We would like to thank each of the following from the bottom of our hearts, “You made this happen”!!!

Our generous sponsors were: Stan and Sally Abrahams, Alon Apteker, David Bilchitz, Jonty Caplan, Steve Cohn, Peter Dannheisser, DSD Attorneys (Raymond Demartinis and Rob Shapiro), Lyonell Fliss, Kevin Friedman, Nuworld Industries (Jeffrey and Michael Goldberg), Simon Hochschild, Russell and Hester Hollander, Herb Lewis, Christine McIntosh, Eric Mayer, Jason Milwidsky, Andrew Phillips, Wayne and Paula Plit, Wayne Rosenberg, Adelaide Ruiters, Larry and Bianca Shakinovsky, Aubrey Shapiro, Neville Shiffren, Leonard Singer, Doug and Carolyn Smollan, Martin Sussman, Mike and Chiara Teper, Roman and Alice Vinnik, Ian West and Merle Williams.

Upon arrival everybody was handed a welcome drink by our “human table lady” and then entered into a world that was far removed from the ordinary. Each and everyone was bedazzled by the splendor of the décor, the casino chips and play money. After a warm welcome by Comedian and MC Dave Levinsohn the games began. There was Roulette, Black Jack, Craps, Punto Banco and a Money Blowing Machine that brought joy to many patrons as they won big prizes.

The “Vegas Nights” casino ended just before the clock struck twelve. Delectable food was served around the clock by Dolores from Flavors with the waiters surprising us with a delightful variety of dishes every time they came past…

David and Helen Alexander were the winners of the art commissioned by Sizwe Khoza. Over ten pieces of art were auctioned, thank you to every bidder for your support!

We would like to thank each and every participant who attended this event for joining us and making the evening the resounding success that it was thus helping us give back to Beit Emanuel.

Hester Hollander, Bianca Shakinovsky & Lee Greenblatt


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