Good audience for Ruven Bilchitz JForum. Next session on July 19th

The first in our JForum series on Zionism and Israel was held on Sunday night, where a fair-sized audience heard Ruven Biltchitz, a history teacher and father of Professor David Bilchitz, talk about the early nineteenth century writers whose ideas – in reaction to European anti-Semitism –  inspired the Zionist movement. Most of those who attended said they came away well satisfied.

The next in our JForum series, entitled “Days of Poppies  – The British Mandate period”, with Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked, will take place on Sunday 19 July 2015 at 6.30 p.m. in the Slome Auditorium, Beit Emanuel, 38 Oxford Road, Parktown. Followed by light refreshments. Entry is free however donations are always welcome.

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