JTalk programme: David Fig on nuclear energy, fracking and more

Following the service on Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic. Sessions run for approx. an hour starting at 11.15 am or 11.45 am if there’s a barmitzvah.

15 November – David Fig will discuss – Lights on at what cost? David Fig has an extremely wide knowledge of environmental issues, nuclear, fracking, uranium……

22 November – Avi Kanar, our choir director, will talk about his recent trip to a Jewish choir festival in the US. He will discuss his impressions about the music and what he learned from attending the festival.

29 November – Prof. Stephen Marcus Finn – will discuss – ‘The Jew-Dis of Judaism: Treachery, Bullying and Hypocrisy’ – he will relate two of his novels in a provocative way to bullying in general and hypocrisy in Judaism in particular. Prof. Finn is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Pretoria. More importantly, he is an animal rights activist as well as a novelist, playwright and poet.

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