Introducing JFilm. Launches this Sunday with a movie under construction

Beit Emanuel’s JFilm programme launches on Sunday, November 2nd with the rare opportunity to watch a movie under construction and talk to the visiting US directors.

The documentary Feiga’s Choice is based on the writings of a Russian Jewish mother who survived the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the pogroms that followed, and who in desperation sent two of her children to an orphanage in South Africa, never seeing them again.

Nearly a century later, her grandchildren and great-grandchidren in South Africa have pieced together her remarkable story of courage and determination in the face of savage violence. The film, by Washington-based LeeAnn Dance and Cliff Hackel, follows South African Judy Favish as she visits Poland and Ukraine and traces her grandmother’s footsteps over seven years of war.

The JFILM programme aims to screen interesting, provocative, rare or offbeat films on Jewish or Israeli themes, followed by discussions hosted by Israeli documentary-maker Eran Tahor, currently teaching film at Wits University.

When: Sunday, 2nd November at 6.00pm.

Where: Slome Auditorium, to the left of the main shul.

Price: R40. Refreshments will be provided.


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