More highlights at Limmud in two weeks

Fourteen days to go to Limmud Sa at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways on 29-31 August. Still some places available. Here are a few more of the highlights:

Clive Lawton is one of the founders of the worldwide Limmud movement and now serves as its senior consultant. He is a prizewinning educator and has been a headmaster, chief executive of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ ‘Jewish Continuity’ and chair of the Third World development agency ‘Tzedek’. He writes and broadcasts, has published 15 books and initiated Holocaust education for school children in the UK. He is scholar-in-residence at the London Jewish Cultural Centre. He will present on: Jewish History is a Ball; Healthy Prophets: The Word of God or a Touch of Neurosis; Jews Just Being Nice; and The Most Important Event in Jewish History

Alma Reisel is one of the co-chairs of Keshet UK, the Jewish forum working for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews in all aspects of Jewish life. She has delivered inclusion training to over 100 Jewish volunteers in the last year. She will present on Modern Matrimony: Making the Jewish Wedding Relevant, Medieval Christian Midrash, Can I Bring my Partner… and Does the Torah really ban cross-dressing.

Gidi Grinstein is founder and president of Reut Institute, Israel’s leading strategy and leadership institute. Gidi’s first book Flexigidity: the Secret of Jewish Adaptability was published in December, 2013. He is proud of his leadership on the ISRAEL 15 Vision, on 21st Century Tikkun Olam, on fighting the de-legitimization of Israel, on Birthright Israel and on government electoral reform. Gidi served as secretary of the Israeli Delegation for the Camp David Summit in 2000. He will present on: Why Anti-Zionism is as integral to Judaism as Zionism, Why a Vibrant Diaspora is a Zionist Imperative and Why Jews are the Ever Dying People

The best of Beit Emanuel will also be at Limmud. Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked will talk with Gabriel Meyer Halevy and sit on a panel looking at Jewish Paths to the Divine; Irwin Manoim will tell the story of the Weekly Mail; David Bilchitz will present on Noah and the Life of Pi; Karen Lazar will pay tribute to Nadine Gordimer and there will be much much more.

Please see for more details or call 0793816811


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