JTalk: Revised programme for next month

15th March – “Leviticus, Order and Identity”

Prof. Everett Fox

The book of Leviticus tells the story of sacrifice rituals which are very much far away from our modern notion of spirituality. Prof. Fox will suggest reading into Leviticus, focusing on the concept of ORDER and its relevance to exile.

Everett Fox is Professor of Judaic and Biblical Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the translator and commentator of The Five Books of Moses, published in 1995 by Schocken Books, as well as of the forthcoming (September) The Early Prophets.

Beyond the university, Prof. Fox is active in adult Jewish education. He also served a religious consultant for the animated film, The Prince of Egypt.

22 March –Kosher Kinderlach’ Part 2 – Dr Dora Wynchank

Dr Dora Wynchank is a psychiatrist who has a particular interest in mental health in Jewish communities. Dora has given two previous JTalks on Jews and mental health, which proved so interesting that we have asked her to speak again. This time, she explores the psychological outcomes of an Orthodox Jewish upbringing on adult sexuality.

29 March – ‘How to green your home and save thousands’ Don Boroughs

You probably know Don Boroughs as the brilliant tenor in our choir. When he’s not singing, his passion is energy efficiency. Don recently won an Eskom Energy Efficiency Award in the category of Energy Savings in Households. He has reduced the electricity consumption of his home by 75 percent, saving R20 000 a year and is radically improving his family’s carbon footprint. Don is a journalist, photographer and blogger (www.greenerhouse.co.za) who writes about green living. He will speak about energy-saving technologies and techniques that we can apply in our own homes.


5 April Prof. David Bilchitz – To be Advised

12 April – Colin Purkey – To be Advised


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