JTalk this week: Jewish childhood and adult sexuality

Following the service on most Shabbat mornings, Beit Emanuel hosts an interesting and informed speaker on a thought-provoking topic, usually – but not always – related to Jews or Judaism.

Sessions over the past few months have proved so popular that guests need to come early to be assured of a seat. Some speakers are our own members talking about their passions, and some are outsiders with specialist expertise. Sessions last an hour, starting at 11.15am, and usually include a discussion session. A light brunch is served. Non-members are welcome. Here is our programme over the next few weeks:

22nd February – ‘Kosher Kinderlach’ Dr Dora Wynchank

Dr Dora Wynchank is a psychiatrist who has a particular interest in mental health in Jewish communities. Dora has given two previous JTalks on Jews and mental health, which proved so interesting that we have asked her to speak again. This time, she explores the psychological outcomes of an Orthodox Jewish upbringing on adult sexuality.
1st March – : ‘Jewish Peoplehood in the 21st century’ – Gusti Yehoshua- Braverman –

The former deputy director of the Reform movement in Israel, and current chair of the World Zionist Organization’s Department for Diaspora Activities and Theodor Herzl centre, is visiting our congregation and will talk on the current challenges facing the Jewish people around the world, and how her organisation aims to address this.
8th March – ‘Nadine Gordimer’s portraits of Jewishness’ Dr Karen Lazar

Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer has been claimed as a “Jewish writer” by some, and criticised as a “not Jewish enough” writer by others, during her long literary and philosophical career. In an open-ended and broad discussion, Karen Lazar will explore some examples of Gordimer’s complex depiction of Jewish characters and Judaism. Dr Karen Lazar works in the Division of Languages at the Wits School of Education. Her MA and Phd are analyses of Gordimer’s short stories,novels and socio-cultural criticism from 1956 to 1994.
15th March – The Weekly Mail and the battle to tell the news – Dr Irwin Manoim

The joint founder and editor of the Weekly Mail newspaper, now the Mail & Guardian, talks about how a small group of journalists and activists (almost all of them Jewish) founded a newspaper during apartheid’s darkest period which took on police, politicians, hit squads and bank managers and somehow survived. Among other issues still pertinent today: does the public have a right to know; would the public prefer not to know; does a crusading newspaper have the right to break the law?
22 March – Prof. David Bilchitz – To be Advised
29 March – ‘How to green your home and save thousands’ Don Boroughs

You probably know Don Boroughs as the brilliant tenor in our choir. When he’s not singing, his passion is energy efficiency. Don recently won an Eskom Energy Efficiency Award in the category of Energy Savings in Households. He has reduced the electricity consumption of his home by 75 percent, saving R20 000 a year and is radically improving his family’s carbon footprint. Don is a journalist, photographer and blogger (www.greenerhouse.co.za) who writes about green living. He will speak about energy-saving technologies and techniques that we can apply in our own homes.

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