Music, planting and some Kabbala at succesful TuBeshvat

The dedication of the Community Garden and a Tree Planting Ceremony was held, with the participation of the United Sisterhood, on the eve of TuBeshvat. Thank you to Cynthia Duchen for donating the avocado tree for our garden.

The first Introduction to Judaism class of the year got off to a superb start with both the current students, the new students and several members of the congregation participating in a TuBeshvat Seder.

This wonderful evening of music and prayer, led by Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked, celebrating the ‘Spirituality of the land’ which follows the Kabbalistic tradition dating back to the 16th Century, was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Thank you to Judy Hodes, Okie, Sharon Shaked & the catering staff

for the fine spread of traditional TuBeshvat fruits & vegetables – a vital part in celebrating this festival.

Judging by the success of our first event, 2014 promises to be a year of exciting and fulfilling communal functions and events and we look forward to the participation of many more of our congregants!

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