Tribute to Nelson Mandela from World Union for Progressive Judaism

The World Union for Progressive Judaism is deeply saddened by the death of Nelson Mandela, a highly regarded and much loved former president of the Republic of South Africa.
Nelson Mandela, having served 27 years in prison for his active opposition to apartheid, rose to become the first black president of South Africa at a time of much violence and division in his country. President Mandela was able to unite disparate groups who had fought each other for decades. He was able to prevent the bloodshed that had been predicted once apartheid was dismantled. His government set up the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which has been an example to the world on dealing with painful and bitter divisions within society.
He has been one of the most admired world leaders of our time and he has been an example to all who aspire to positions of leadership.
Nelson Mandela will be sadly missed; the two million members of the World Union for Progressive Judaism joins with our South African members to express our sorrow at his passing and sends sincere condolences to his family and to the people of South Africa.
Michael Grabiner,
Chairman, WUPJ

Dr. Philip Bliss,
WUPJ Advocacy Committee Chair

Steve Lurie
Chairman, SAUPJ

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