Farewell party for Kito and Moira Holz

After forty years as a member of Beit Emanuel, Kito Holz retired this month as Executive Director. Before taking on the full-time director’s job, he served as chairman of the congregation eight times, more than anyone else. Moira has been with him all along, quietly supporting him, helping out others and spending much of her time at the shul.

As Merle Williams said in her farewell speech, Kito and Moira have always been known for their generosity towards others in the community, their willingness to make sacrifices and to help out without expecting either reward or praise. David Fienberg noted that Kito had served during some difficult times, when he was forced to take some tough decisions. Here are photographs taken at the farewell party on Friday by Simon Hochschild.SJH_3238 SJH_3251 SJH_3236 SJH_3224 SJH_3223

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