Visit of next rabbi candidate: Rabbi Shaked

The Rabbinic Search Committee has been actively seeking a new rabbi for Beit Emanuel. Whilst Rabbi Nathan Alfred impressed many in the community, the search committee was of the view that we need to investigate all the candidates who had applied. Interviews were conducted in the last several weeks with three other candidates. Whilst all candidates have many merits, the search committee, has decided that, in order to make a decision with maximum possible information, it would invite another promising candidate, Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked to spend a week at the synagogue.
Rabbi Shaked is a graduate of the Israeli Rabbinic Program at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. After his ordination, he worked at the Leo Back Education Center in Haifa. He has also been an executive director of an interfaith reconciliation organization between Israelis and Palestinians, and has taught Torah and rabbinic literature in various institutions. He has worked for several years as a community Rabbi in “Achvat Israel” congregation, Rishon Lezion. Rabbi Shaked is currently busy with a PhD at Tel Aviv University on the thought of the famous Jewish philosopher Martin Buber.
Rabbi Shaked will be visiting the congregation between 03-11 April 2013.
We will shortly be posting a calendar with his communal engagements. We would like to invite community members to take him out for meals and to meet with him on a personal level during his visit. If you would like to do so, please contact Ilana Alroy (ilana@beitemanuel) with the details of possible dates you would like to take the rabbi out. It will of course not be possible to accommodate everyone within the week and we will also have general times in which the congregation can meet the rabbi.’

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