Plenty of great Netzer activities coming up

HadSem Netzer’s Leadership Seminar is happening this March. “Hadracha” or Leadership Training is one of the most important parts of your role in Netzer. Come with Enthusiasm and leave with some of the makings of a New Leader!! A life-changing weekend awaits you at ‘HadSem Popcorn’!
Open to Youth in grade 10 or above. RSVP Necessary. More information to follow. From Friday 1 March to Saturday night 2 March.
Pesach Netzer will be hosting Survivor Pesach to get you all prepared for 8 days without cake! What is the deal with Pesach anyway? What has it got to do with us? And how will be Survive without our Cupcakes?! Join us for a pre-Pesach activity and find out!
Saturday Morning: 2 March – 8.30 a.m. -10.00 a.m. Bet David Synagogue youth centre All Religion school children and all other kids from age 9-13 are invited. For more information or to confirm attendance please contact: Kathryn 0846123124; Jody 0729361166

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