Chairman’s update on new activities

Changes to the Bulletin
The eagle-eyed among us would have spotted some subtle changes to the Bulletin, including new sidebar section for: Mazaltov To…; Thanks To… (For Generous Donations); Speedy Recovery… (Refuah Shlema); Welcome To… (Our New Members). Please let Ilana know of anything that should be included in any of these sections.
Netzer and the Kiddies Corner
Netzer have resumed their activities for 2013 during the Shabbat evening services, and our Kiddies Corner (now relocated to the “Bride’s Room”) is also back in operation. Youngsters of school-going age are urged to try out the Netzer activities, while pre-schoolers are welcome in the Kiddies Corner.
Donations Box
A reminder that the Donations Box will make its appearance whenever our Friday evening Brocha is not being sponsored. Please contribute whatever you can, to ensure that Judy Hodes and the catering Committee can maintain the high standard we have become accustomed to!
Clearing up after the Brocha
Those joining us for the Brocha are requested to please make use of the lime green receptacles for dirty crockery and cutlery. Clearing up after ourselves will make life just that much easier for our dedicated and hard-working facilities staff, and will also cut down on overtime payments.
Kids on stage
We also request that parents keep their kids off the stage during the Friday evening Brocha, partly to prevent damage to the wooden stage surface and curtains, and partly to prevent damage to the kids!
Choir matters
As announced from the Bimah last week, we are looking for sponsorships in order to keep our choir at its full complement of up to eight choristers per service. The plan was initially to cut back to maximum of five. This “top-up” choir sponsorship will set you back a modest R600 per service. Please arrange your sponsorship through Ilana at the synagogue office. Russell Cohen, Chairman

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