Recognition of Voluntary Efforts: Maurice Katzeff

Every now and then, we feel the need to recognise a member of the congregation for the contribution he or she makes to the welfare of Beit Emanuel. This week, I’d like to recognise Maurice Katzeff as our Volunteer of the Month.
I am told that Maurice has been the Shamas for our Shabbat evening services for the past 4 years; he has certainly played that role for as long I have been involved with Mancom. Maurice has shown an extraordinary commitment to the job he has taken on. I can recall only 1 or 2 instances in the past years where he has not been on duty in the foyer at least 15 minutes before the service (usually due to serious illness, and never without tendering his apologies). In this day and age, it is unusual to find people willing to do something voluntarily week after week, month after month and year after year, and we salute Maurice’s sheer commitment in this regard.
Please don’t feel slighted if your name (or that of your favourite volunteer) doesn’t appear here. Instead, submit the name and a very brief motivation for recognition. (Staff members and current members of Mancom or the BoG aren’t being recognised in this way for now.)
Russell Cohen, Chairman

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