Proposal to allow certain payments to management

The writer is considering proposing some changes to the constitution of Beit Emanuel. As the Board of Guardians consider one proposed change in particular may be controversial, I have agreed not to pursue this change without first canvassing opinions from the congregation.
The constitution was drafted years ago when the world was a simpler place. I consider that the world has become far more complex in recent years and that the demand on Management Committee members has grown enormously. Mancom and the chairman are required to deal with a very wide and complex range of issues including, inter alia, Religious affairs, attendance at services and numerous other functions, human resources, financing , accounting, property management, numerous government agencies, such as municipality, departments of home affairs, tax and labour. There are in addition many, many other day to day issues some of which are very complex, such as the recruitment appointment of a Rabbi.
Travel times around the city and to and from Beit Emanuel have also increased dramatically.
It is clear that the above is a complex and time consuming task. In attending to these tasks members incur motoring and telecommunication costs. Although members are entitled to claim back these costs incurred, I am not aware of any members having done so. In view of this perhaps it is not surprisingly members are not quite as inclined to stand for these positions as they were in the past.
Subject to comment from the congregation the writer may propose at the forthcoming AGM that;
Mancom members could be remunerated for their services to by way of being given free membership to Beit Emanuel. This remuneration would be subject to a number of provisions including:
? Not all Mancom members would be given the same remuneration.
? Remuneration would be subject to recommendation by a committee and approval at the AGM.
? Would be limited to 3 times the Beit Emanuel fees for a family of 4.
? Beit Emanuel would have to be cash positive for the year in question after the remuneration is granted.
Your comment is invited. Depending on the feedback I receive I may or may not proceed with the proposed amendment at the next AGM.
I can be contacted at : or 082 901 2498
David Fienberg, Member of the Board of Guardians

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