Proposed Changes to Shabbat Morning Activities in 2013

A fter consultation with people who attend the Torah Breakfast, the Shabbat Morning Service and the Rabbinic Literature Study Group, a proposal has been put forward to change the times of activities on Shabbat Morning, starting on Saturday 19 January 2013.
From that date the time of events will be:
09.00 Morning Service
10.30 Kiddush/Brunch Brochah
11.00 Jewish Study (as previous Torah Breakfast programme)
12.15 onwards Rabbinic literature (mainly Mishnah and Talmud) study
End by 14.00.
When a bar or bat mitzvah takes place, the time allowed for the service will run until 11.00 and all other times will be thirty minutes later. There are only six such occasions expected in 2013.
This new arrangement will be tried for an experimental period of 1 year. After the High Holydays 2013 it will be formally reviewed to see if it worked better than the previous scheme. We would welcome comments and feedback as we go through the year.
Russell Cohen, Chairman and Rabbi Ash

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