Irwin Manoim appointed to Board of Guardians

At a Special General Meeting of Beit Emanuel congregation held Thursday, 29th November 2012, Irwin Manoim was elected to the Board of Guardians for an initial term of three years, joining incumbents David Fienberg, Dr Paul Davis and Prof. Merle Williams.
Irwin was co-founder and editor of the Weekly Mail (now Mail & Guardian) and of the Electronic Mail & Guardian, the earliest online news operation in Africa. For the past decade he has been a partner in the web development agency Big Media and a newspaper consultant helping to conceptualise new titles and advising on design and content strategies. He is a frequent public speaker on media issues and also teaches post-graduate students at the Journalism Department of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.
Irwin is a longstanding member of Beit Emanuel. (He designed the current Bulletin format, and also designed and maintains our Website (
The functions, powers and duties of the Guardians are set out at clause 7.4 of the Constitution of Temple Emanuel. They are broadly concerned with the appointment of Rabbis, the purchase, alienation or encumbrance of immovable property, the leasing out or hiring of property, the sale or alienation of Sifrei Torah and related artefacts, and other major financial transactions.

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