Did you miss out on learning about your Jewish Background?

A course which teaches Judaism to adults who aim to increase their connection with their Jewish roots and strengthening their Jewish knowledge is now available to YOU in Johannesburg.
Designed by Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School is a curriculum and text based program aimed at adults who are competent in many areas of their personal and professional lives and now want to put effort into growing their knowledge of Jewish customs, concepts, values and history.
The course is run over 2 years, taking one year at a time. During Year 1, you will be exposed to the concepts of Jewish behavior and Jewish belief, while Year 2 seeks to study the way that Jewish behavior and beliefs impacted upon the major decisions of Jewish history and continues to impact upon the ongoing ethical dilemmas of human existence.
The course will be led by faculty well matched to their subject, with active participation and discussion encouraged. Students meet once a week for 2.5 hrs, over 30 weeks per year.
First year teachers are Adina Roth for Purposes and Sarah Sassoon for Rhythms of Jewish Life. Number of students per class is limited. NO HOMEWORK. NO TESTS. KNOW JUDAISM !!Classes are held at Beyachad, every Tuesday evening. For information regarding the curriculum and registration Please contact: Ariella Milner Course Co-ordinator 082 8046113 (only messages between 29th March to 14th April) 0118824051 milnerariella@gmail.com; www.fmams.org.il
A “Taste of Melton” to whet your appetite will be held on Monday 19 November at 19h30 at the home of Steve Lurie at 7 Montrose Rd. Sandhurst. Please RSVP to Ariella (details above) for catering & material preparation.

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