Rabbi Ash to stay on for eight more months

The Rabbinic Search Committee is pleased to advise that Rabbi Ash will not be leaving Beit Emanuel in December 2012 and has agreed to remain on as our Rabbi until 31st August 2013. (He will, however, still be going on leave to the UK during December 2012.) We have in the meantime begun discussions with potential candidates for his permanent successor and will, as far as prudent, keep congregants informed of progress in this regard. Potential candidates identified thus far would not be able to take up the post before the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2013, so there may be a short period of overlap, or a gap in rabbinic coverage. In the event of the latter, and depending on the extent of the gap, another interim appointment may well be required. This issue will be addressed by the committee at a later stage. We believe that this is in the best interests of the congregation, will put an end to much speculation and uncertainty, allowing the appointment of a successor to Rabbi Ash to proceed in a measured and diligent way. (The Rabbinic Search Committee is comprised of 3 members of the Board of Guardians and 3 members of the Executive Committee of Mancom, assisted by the Executive Director.) Issued jointly by the Management Committee and Board of Guardians Russell Cohen, Chairman

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