Parnassah (Livelihood): A marketing job for one of our congregants?

One of our physically disabled congregants is struggling to find employment of any type suitable for a wheelchair-bound person.
She holds a Masters Degree in Business Leadership (MBL/MBA) and a Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCompt). She has many years of experience with business, strategic marketing, branding, communication, project management, CRM, training, coaching, retail, ecommerce, entrepreneurship and leadership.
Her communication and presentation skills are excellent, and she’s able to inspire and facilitate change while keeping a beady eye on profitability and growth. She also has a home office with Internet connectivity, if wheelchair access is not available. Should anyone in the community be able to provide employment, whether contract permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time, professional, clerical or sales oriented, all offers will be gratefully received. Please contact the office on 011 646 6170/1/2 or, and we will bring the parties together.
Our sense is that there is an ongoing need to provide a forum for those seeking employment, but who have exhausted all the conventional channels. Please let us know if you believe an insert of this nature should become a regular feature of our Bulletin.

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